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Want to make your online marketing stand out visually?

Overwhelmed by social media?



With over 20 years of experience in small business management and marketing, and an education at ATHI in Marketing and Advertising Management, I offer both individual consulting sessions, as well as several one-on-one training programs. From the basics in my"Building a Cohesive Brand in a Visual Market"program, to more specific marketing needs - in my "Effective Visual Marketing and Analyzing Results", I can help you not only build your brand and create a marketing plan, but be there step by step as you execute it. 

These one-on-one sessions allow for rapid growth, and will ensure you have each new skill conquered before moving onto the next.








This program offers four 2-hour one-on-one sessions to take place at your business location, on Zoom, or in a more casual meeting setting such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or office space.

We will go over skills such as:

  • How to create and convey a strong brand identity using effective imagery, reels/shorts, video, and photo carousels

  • How to achieve cohesive branding and online presence through visual marketing, including how to use social media tools and features on multiple platforms

  • How to capture attention and engagement in your market, and work with algorithms and hashtags on Instagram for maximum reach

  • How to incorporate tools such as Canva, Business Suite, HootSuite, and Flick, etc. to streamline work and heighten the quality and reach of your online marketing

  • How to run effective Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns


* This program includes one 2-hour professional photo shoot, and 15-20 final images, which can be used in your future marketing (image credit: Story Thorburn Photography)

** You will also receive a curated set of unique social media hashtags for your business, as well as one free month of Facebook and Instagram hashtag tracking.

Our initial 2-hour one-on-one session will be focused on your business. This includes your current social media and online presence, and marketing strategies for your business. We will look at the current branding and discuss details such as your target market, current marketing and promotional tools, social media presence, and future goals for branding, growth and marketing reach. We will review the overall branding, as well as the cohesion between all visual marketing elements. From there we will establish and pinpoint areas where branding and imagery may need refinement to create a cohesive representation that will best represent you and appeal to your audience.

In our second 2-hour session we will venture into the specifics of visual marketing. We will discuss your Instagram and Facebook feeds, and look at the quality of your content. We will view other social media accounts in your field or industry, and discuss where you fit and what unique assets you offer. I will also offer tips on what content might work best for you (such as TikTok, Reels, IG Video, Instagram and Facebook stories and feed posts), and how to use those tools to engage with your target market. We will explore Instagram features and how they can be used to gather free market research from both your existing and potential customers, as well as discuss social media algorithms and posting strategies to get the maximum reach with your content.

Next, we will create a feasible and realistic visual marketing strategy catered to your needs and ideal workload. We will discuss posting schedules and streamlining options. You will also receive a custom designed set of social media hashtags designed for maximum growth, and learn how to use admin tools such as Canva, FB Business Suite, HootSuite, and Google Suite to streamline and diversify your daily marketing workload while creating impact.

In our fourth 2-hour session, we will apply everything discussed, and we will meet at your location of choice (or in my studio) to professionally photograph you and your brand to get you started. We will use this hands-on time to discuss the artistic process of marketing imagery, and discuss tips on how to use composition, light, background, and colour to further reinforce your brand.


You will receive 15-20 final images, which can be used in any future marketing (Image credit: Story Thorburn Photography).

Cohesive Branding in a Visual Market

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Effective Visual Marketing and Results Analysis


This program offers four 2-hour one-on-one sessions to take place at your business location, on Zoom, or in a more casual meeting setting such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or office space.

We will cover skills such as:

  • How to develop a marketing strategy and plan for your business 

  • How to run a marketing campaign with different “call to action” goals in mind

  • How to use Facebook and Instagram ads efficiently and effectively

  • How to understand and analyze your marketing insights and statistics and apply them to future strategies

  • How to use social media algorithms for organic reach and business growth

In this program we will focus on defining a marketing campaign goal, whether it be gaining followers and growth on social media, increase online sales, increasing website traffic, or launching a new marketing software such as chatbots, or SMS messaging. We will determine the best strategy and direction to reach your goal based on your specific needs and business model. We will discuss a variety of general marketing options, and learn how to identify when each marketing campaign strategy may be needed. We will focus on key areas to improve in your business to ensure your brand is well established and ready for growth.

From there we will apply the new strategies discussed, and learn how to design and operate any new marketing techniques and systems of interest, with an emphasis on hands-on guidance.

Next, we will dive into analytics. We will discuss how to read and decipher audience and reach statistics from both websites and social media platforms, and learn how to apply that information to your marketing plan. As well, we will look at Facebook and Instagram ads (learning the basics if needed), and discuss helpful tips and tricks to save money and gain free additional market research through unique ad strategies.

In our final session we will review our real-time data from the duration of the program. We will also discuss social media algorithms and how to make them work for you.

Monthly Marketing Services


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