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After a robust career in small business management both in Halifax and PEI, Story eventually made her way into the print media marketing industry as the Editor-In-Chief and Head Sales/Marketing Associate of PEI Living Magazine. It was in that position where she also transformed a lifelong passion into a career path- honing her skills in commercial photography.

After four years with the magazine, Story decided to start her own business- combining her two loves, photography and marketing, and became a professional storyteller. 


She now proudly offers a variety of professional photography services, as well as digital marketing consulting, and her popular marketing training programs; teaching not only how  to market your business successfully, but also how to capture and create engaging content.


It's through her unique lens that this business has come to life.


Story combines 20 years of business management experience in a wide variety of industries with a background and education in marketing and advertising to help clients tell their story in a way that's engaging, interesting, and authentic.


Her photography allows her to take her services to the next level in all that she does, and tell the story your audience deserves to hear.  

Story Thorburn Sheidow

Cardigan PE



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